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Residential Conveyancing Fees

We can offer a fixed fee for this type of service which is based on the value of the property in question. The prices include:

  1. Taking your initial instructions
  2. Undertaking due diligence on the property
  3. Carrying out searches and raising enquiries
  4. Managing and exchanging contracts on your behalf
  5. Ensuring funds are transferred properly for completing the transfer of property
  6. Registering the property in your name. 

The prices below do not include VAT or disbursements. They also assume a Registered Freehold Property with one title. There is no additional charge for dealing with one mortgage lender per transaction.

The majority of our work comes from recommendations from existing clients and professional advisers – we do not pay referral fees to Estate Agents in order to obtain work.

Get your Quote

To get a no obligation, exact quote contact either:

Sue Powell or Vicky Codling: 01291 422 753


Kath Watkins: 01600 716 200

If the transaction involves the purchase of leasehold property, unregistered land or part of a title or the purchase is of a farm or smallholding, we will need to review our estimate. Where purchasers are contributing unequal shares to the purchase price, we would recommend that a Declaration of Trust or Cohabitation Agreement be drawn up to reflect the contributions and what is to happen in the future should the property be sold and how the proceeds of sale are to be split. The cost of drawing up such a document is not included in the above quotes.

We might also need to review our fee if the matter becomes unexpectedly complex, for example:

  • if legal title is defective or part of the property is unregistered
  • if we discover building regulations or planning permission has not been obtained
  • if crucial documents we have previously requested from our client have not been provided

You may have to pay Land Transaction Tax (for properties in Wales) or Stamp Duty Land Tax (for properties in England) which is not included in the quotes above. Please visit the links below for more information:

WRA Land Transaction Tax Calculator (Properties in Wales)

HMRC Stamp Duty Land Tax Calculator (Properties in England)

The fees quoted above do not include disbursements (costs payable to a third party on your behalf). These will be charged to you based on the cost they are charged to us and include:

Search Fees on the property/land and surrounding area such as Local Authority, Drainage and Water and Envirosearches

Land Registration Fees

Fee for same day electronic transfer of funds (

Indemnity Insurance policy premium (this may be needed if there is an issue with the property such as a defective title or if there is a lack of planning permission/building regulations for an extension to the property)

Payment of Management Company administration and notice fees (if purchasing a leasehold property)

Estate Agents Fees (if you are selling a property)

    There may be additional fees based on the nature of your sale or purchase and the most common ones to arise are listed below along with their additional fee. These prices do not include VAT:

    If the property is Leasehold – £150

    Shared Ownership – £150

    New Build – £150

    SDLT / LLT – £40


    Arranging a bespoke Indemnity Insurance Policy – £100 – We do not make an additional charge if a standard policy is all that is required

    Approving or preparing a Statutory Declaration regarding the Sellers use and/or enjoyment of the property – £75

    These charges are necessary because of the additional time/costs that will be incurred in these specific circumstances.

    Should your transaction fail to complete or the parties withdraw, you will still be charged for the amount of work done to that stage (plus VAT) and any outstanding disbursements

    Meet the Team

    Victoria Codling

    Qualified: 2002

    Vicky undertakes all types residential conveyancing, sales, purchases, transfers of equity and re mortgages. She also has experience in residential development and commercial conveyancing. She is proficient in drafting and dealing with more complex matters which may arise in the course of residential conveyancing, such as Deeds of Easement, Option Agreements and/or Conditional Contracts and matters relating to planning agreements with the Local Authority.

    Sue Powell


    Sue is a mainstay of our Caldicot team with an enviable local reputation earned over many years. Experienced, diligent and efficient she ensures clients always receive an excellent service.

    Donna McCarthy


    Donna is also a mainstay of our Caldicot team, well respected and with a wealth of experience she too is committed to providing excellent service.

    Kath Watkins


    Like her colleague Sue in Caldicot, Kath is a mainstay of our Monmouth team with an enviable local reputation earned over many years. Experienced, diligent and efficient she ensures clients always receive an excellent service.

    Our Process

    Purchases & Sales

    Stage 1

    Taking Instructions

    At this stage we will establish contact with everyone involved such as the Estate Agents, any Banks or Building Societies and the other side’s Solicitor. We collect the relevant documents and information from everyone to get the process started.  We will also take up to date ID from you.

    Stage 2



    This is where we undertake due diligence. We commission searches on the property and raise the usual enquiries as well as reviewing the deeds and related paperwork to ensure good title to the property. We review the contract provided by your seller’s solicitors and report to you. If we are not happy with anything, we will discuss it with you and work out how to move forward. We will then invite you to sign the contract and transfer your deposit to us.


    We liaise with you to respond to the buyer’s enquiries about the property you are selling and we check your title to the property. We then draw up a contract to confirm the terms of the property transfer. Once the contract is approved by the buyer’s Solicitors we will invite you to sign it along with the transfer.

    Stage 3

    Exchanging Contracts

    At the point where contracts are exchanged the sale or purchase of the property becomes a legally binding obligation.  We will agree a ‘completion date’ which is the date when we ownership of the property will be transferred.  The completion date is also your moving date and cannot be changed. If you are making a purchase we will transfer your deposit to the seller’s Solicitor.

    Stage 4


    This is the day that the transfer is completed. Solicitors will confirm the transfer of funds due, and the keys are released from your estate agents – congratulations on your new home!

    Stage 5

    Post Completion

    Following completion we will arrange the payment of any tax due, and the registration of the transfer of property with the Land Registry.

    Mortgages & Re-Mortgages


    Stage 1

     Reviewing the Mortgage

    We will be required by your mortgage lender to review the mortgage offer as well as the other property documents (e.g. deeds). We will check your mortgage offer and make sure all the conditions are met. We may have to carry out some searches on the property at this point to satisfy your mortgage lender and generally carry out due diligence. 

    Stage 2

    Arranging Completion

    Once your lender and you are content with the offer and that the conditions are being met you will need to sign the Mortgage Deed. We will then obtain an up-to-date settlement figure for your existing mortgage and we set a date to complete the transaction.

     Stage 3


    On the day the funds are transferred to us from your new lender, we will repay any existing mortgages and will account to you for any money left over. Finally, we register your new mortgage at the Land Registry and deal with the removal of any mortgages that have been repaid.