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Our Fees

We offer a fixed fee for Motoring Offences where you will be entering a Guilty Plea. The prices below detail what is included in the service and for what types of offences they apply to. Please see below the fixed fees for information on Not Guilty Pleas for Motoring Offences.

The below prices do not include VAT or disbursements.

Motoring Offences: Not Guilty Pleas

The below is an estimate for representing you in a Motoring Offence where you wish to enter a Not Guilty Plea. Our fees are calculated on an hourly rate and an estimated cost for this service is provided below based on a typical case.

The below does not include VAT or disbursements.

Estimated Cost: £700-2,500

Hourly Rate: £200

Estimated Hours: 3.5 – 12.5

Estimated Timescale: relies on court dates. 

This estimate is for a Not Guilty Plea for the following offences:

Drink Driving

Drug driving (prescription or illegal drugs)

Fail to provide driver information when requested

No insurance

Inexperienced Driver (less than 2 years) 6 points leading to revocation of test pass


Considering Evidence

Providing advice in relation to plea and likely sentence

Where we cannot anticipate a likely sentence, advice on options available to the court for sentencing

When appropriate, advice on whether exceptional hardship or a special reasons argument should be made

Representation at a single hearing

Instructing any expert witnesses

Taking statements from any witnesses

Advice on appeal, if necessary

Get a more accurate quote

Every case is different, to get a bespoke estimate contact us today and we can discuss the specifics of yours.

Call: 01633 867 000

Please note:

If instructions are accepted for a case heard outside of Cwmbran or Newport travel time and mileage expenses will be charged at a rate in advance.

Expert witness fees and, if appropriate, barrister’s fees will be charged separately.

Meet the Team

Ross Williams

Partner, Solicitor
Qualified: 1984

I am responsible for the conduct of all Criminal Matters handled by the Firm as well as overseeing the Civil Litigation undertaken by our Lawyers in that Department. I am the Firm’s “Compliance Officer” (COLP) ensuring that we meet the regulatory framework and standard set by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. I undertake a wide variety of Criminal Defence work including the defence of Regulatory Crime prosecutions by non Police Agencies. I have a wide experience of dealing with liquor and other licencing Applications. After attending Llanishen High School in Cardiff I studied Law at Warwick University before going on to do my Law Society Finals at the Guilford College of Law. I was Articled to the firm then known as John Loosemore & Company, now Loosemores, and on qualification I remained with them for 2 years running a Branch Office as a Salary Partner. I then worked for 4 years in the Rhondda Valley for the largest criminal practice in that area conducting a wide variety of criminal cases before joining Rubin Lewis O’Brien in 1990, and becoming a Partner in 1992. During my time with the firm I have been involved with a number of cases which have proceeded to the Court of Appeal, was involved in a long running serious Fraud prosecuted by HMR & C and represented members of a Rugby Club in high profile Disciplinary Proceedings brought by the Welsh Rugby Union for alleged failure to comply with drug testing requirements. Over the years I have been involved in the defence of a number of high profile murder cases. I am a member of the Law Society and as a long standing Criminal Duty Solicitor, a member of the Society’s Criminal Law Accreditation Scheme. I am also a member of the Criminal Solicitors Law Association, which is separate from the Law Society. I live in Rogerstone near Newport and have 3 children, 2 still at University and one trying to make his way in the competitive world of Musical Theatre. I enjoy all forms of sport and am an active playing member of a Tennis Club. I am a member of Cardiff Athletic Club and, for my sins, a Cardiff Blues Season Ticket Holder. I enjoy attending concerts and theatre productions and socialising with friends over a good meal and an even better bottle of wine!

Our Process

Motoring Offences

Stage 1

Taking Instructions

In our first meeting, which we can do by telephone, you can provide us with initial information on what happened. We will consider this information and other facts available, providing you with advice on how to plead.

Stage 2

Considering Evidence

In a majority of simple motoring offences, the only option for the defendant is to try and mitigate sentencing at their hearing. We may recommend that evidence, such as witness statements or video footage, could assist in achieving this for you.

If so, we will take time prior to your hearing to compile and review evidence as well as preparing a defence based on it on your behalf. This would carry an additional cost which can vary based on the amount of evidence required, however on average the cost is £500.00 + VAT.

Stage 3

Hearing Date

Prior to the date that you have to attend court we will discuss court procedure with you as well as sentencing options available to the court, and a likely outcome for your case.

We will then attend on your hearing and make an argument on your behalf. We will discuss the outcome with you to ensure you understand the sentencing.

Stage 4


If you wish to, and we believe there is grounds to, we can discuss your options in regards to an appeal of the decision on the day. This would carry additional cost which we are able to discuss with you.