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Our Fees

Our charges will be calculated as set out below and based on the value of the estate as well as the type of the asset in the estate.

This service includes meetings with you and perhaps others, reading and working on papers, preparation of documents, correspondence, telephone calls and attendances, and time spent travelling away from the office when this is necessary. We will complete and submit relevant forms and other required documentation for taxation, forms for the grant of probate, as well as preparation of Estate Accounts and distribution of the assets to the beneficiaries of the estate.

The below prices do not include VAT or disbursements.

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There may be additional tax due on this matter which would be separate to the estimated cost.
For additional information on Inheritance Tax please visit the website:

You will receive advice on inheritance tax as part of the service included with our fees.

In the event of a query by the Department of Work and Pensions there will be a separate charge calculated by reference to the time taken for work involved in dealing with such enquiries and investigations but unless otherwise notified will be limited to £250+VAT.

Please note:

These fees do not apply where any assets of the estate are outside of the UK

These fees do not apply if the Will or distribution of the estate is contested or the executors are in dispute

These fees do not apply if there is a claim against the estate under the Inheritance (Family & Dependants) Act 1975

Meet the Team

Richard John Morris

Supervisor, Director, Solicitor
Qualified: 1995

Over 20 years experience in dealing with probate matters together with Wills and other Private Client matters.

Christopher Wyn Bates

Director, Solicitor
Qualified: 2009

Over 9 years of experience in dealing with probate matters together with Wills and other Private Client matters.

Steven Livingstone

Probate Executive, Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (ACILEx)
Qualified: 2016

Joined the firm in January 2007 and from June of that year has been assistant and probate clerk to Mr Richard Morris.

Our PRocess


Stage 1

Valuing the Estate

At this stage we will examine the deceased’s papers and bank statements to establish their assets and liabilities. This can be quite straightforward, however in some cases there may be multiple accounts, investments, properties and other personal belongings to consider. 

At this stage we will need to contact banks, lenders, fund managers, share registrars, pension providers, the local government, DWP, HMRC, insurers and utility providers amongst others, to notify them of the death and to obtain the information required to complete the Inheritance Tax forms.

We will also arrange for valuations of property and personal effects.

Stage 2

File Inheritance Tax Forms

Once all information is to hand we will then prepare the necessary Inheritance Tax forms. There are two types of Inheritance Tax forms – the shorter “IHT205” and the larger “IHT400”. The type of form to be completed will depend upon the value and nature of assets contained in the estate along with any exemptions (Agricultural or Business) that are to be claimed.

Stage 3

Pay Inheritance Tax

We will calculate the amount of any Inheritance that is required to obtain the Grant of Representation and will arrange for this to be paid from the assets in the estate if there are sufficient funds.

Stage 4

File Probate Forms

Once we have assessed the size of the estate and, if necessary, submitted the larger “IHT400” Inheritance Form to HMRC and paid the Inheritance Tax due, we will be able to apply for a Grant of Representation at the Probate Registry. The Personal Representatives will swear an Oath (to be replaced shortly by a Witness Statement) to confirm that the details of the application are correct.

Stage 5

Pay Probate Fees

At this stage we will pay the probate fees on your behalf. At present these are fixed at £155 regardless of the size of the estate plus an additional £1.50 for each additional court sealed copy of the Grant required.

N.B. In the recent budget the government announced proposals to replace the present charging structure with a sliding scale fee that is scheduled to take effect from April 2019.

Stage 6

Administer the Estate

We will collect in the assets of the estate, discharge the liabilities and subsequently distribute the estate in accordance with a Will or the rule of intestacy (i.e. the statutory rules where there is no Will). We will deal with any enquiries raised by HMRC in relation to the Inheritance Tax papers in order to obtain formal Inheritance Tax clearance – where applicable we will obtain a refund of Inheritance Tax where a property or shares are subsequently sold for a lower value than upon which tax was paid. Full “Estate Papers” (including estate accounts) will be prepared for the approval of the Personal Representatives prior to distribution of the estate

If required we are able to prepare a Deed of Variation on behalf of a beneficiary to amend the terms of the Will or intestacy.

Where the estate includes a property we are able to transfer this into the name of a beneficiary and deal with the Land Registry formalities. Alternatively we are able to deal with the sale of this from the estate. Similarly we can arrange for the sale of shareholdings and/ or certain other investments from the estate or we can arrange for transfer into the name of a beneficiary.

We will also calculate the Administration Period income tax liability and report the necessary information to HMRC and pay the tax due.