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Our Fees

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service and, as there can be significant differences between one Estate and another, we operate a variable and not a fixed price Probate service relating to the time spent. The rates that we charge are listed below and are exclusive of VAT and disbursements, such as the fee payable to the Probate Registry.

Enquiries are considered on a case by case basis and where possible an estimate is provided depending upon the information available and which is subject to matters not proving to be substantially more time consuming or complex than envisaged.

Estimated Cost: £2,000 – £25,000

Hourly Rate: £235

Estimated Hours: 8.5 – 106

Fees can be substantially more than this, where for example unusual matters arise, or there are taxation issues or disputes.

Estimated Timescale: up to 12 months

Except in the simplest of cases, it can typically take between two to four months to obtain a Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration where there is no Will) and longer for Estates where Inheritance Tax is due. The time then taken to administer an Estate varies enormously, particularly where assets such as a house need to be sold. While it may be possible to conclude the administration of a simple Estate in less than 6 months from death, the administration of most Estates takes longer. Most Estates are however concluded within a year of death unless there are complications.



Completion and submission of Inheritance Tax forms

The preparation and submission of the application for grant of probate

Gathering the estate’s assets

Distributing those assets to the beneficiaries of the estate

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There may be additional tax due on this matter which would be separate to the estimated cost.
For additional information on Inheritance Tax please visit the website:

Disbursements are costs related to third party services which we pay on your behalf. All disbursements would be an additional cost and advised at the time. The following are likely disbursements:

Probate Registry standard fee – £155

Further sealed copies – £1.50 per sealed copy thereafter

Oath Fee – £0

Statutory Notice fees where applicable – between £230 to £300 and possibly more depending on number of publications required and areas to be covered

Copy Land Registry title if property is incorporated in the estate – £3 per title

Valuation of shares – Valuation fees vary and will depend on the number of holdings to be valued

Please note, the fee indication does not apply:

Where any assets of the estate are outside England and Wales

Where the deceased or beneficiaries are domiciled outside the jurisdiction

The Will or distribution of the estate is contested

These fees do not apply if there is a claim against the estate under the Inheritance (Family & Dependants) Act 1975

Meet the Team

Lynn Wheeldon

Supervisor, Solicitor
Qualified: 1994

Lynn Wheeldon is a Solicitor at Hopkins Law Ltd specialising in Probate and Estate Administration, Will Writing, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection work. Lynn qualified in 1994, having studied law at Cardiff University followed by Chester Law College. She has built up an enviable back catalogue of experience in her field of practice. She has acted as an adviser to the Court in the Respiratory Disease class action litigation relating to Probate Law and also negotiated terms with HM Revenue & Customs in similar class action litigations. In addition, she has also embarked on a prestigious role previously undertaken by the Official Solicitor representing estates of deceased borrowers in possession proceedings by mortgage companies. Lynn’s wealth of experience enables her to deal with difficult land titles involving trusts and complex estates and advises both private individuals and companies on such title matters. Lynn has also been sought out and required to act as mentor and advisor to will writing teams and acted for registered charities in the retirement and appointment of new Trustees. Lynn’s wealth of experience enables her to deal with difficult land titles involving trusts and advises both private individuals and companies on such title matters. Lynn has also been sought out and required to act as mentor and advisor to will writing teams and acted for registered charities in the retirement and appointment of new Trustees. 

David Husband

Consultant Solicitor
Qualified: 1978

Elderly Clients David has over thirty years of experience in the Law having qualified in 1978. From 1982 to 2010 David was a partner in the firms of Husband and Husband and subsequently Husband Saye before joining Hopkins Law as a Consultant in October 2010. Like many of his generation David started his career as a general practitioner but as the law expanded his interests focused on non-contentious matters and he now specialises in the law relating to Property, Wills, Probate and the Elderly. David now works out of our offices at 20 Windsor Place, Cardiff.

Norman Saye

Consultant Solicitor
Qualified: 1977

Norman set up his first Law Practice in 1981, which became Husband Saye. The Practice amalgamated with Hopkins Law in 2010. Norman now acts as a Consultant to the firm. His fields include dealing with Wills, Trusts and Probate, the administration of estates, contested Wills, contentious Probate matters, Inheritance Act claims by dependents, and County Court litigation generally involving a wide range of disputes. Norman is based at our offices at 50-50a High Street Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan

Our PRocess


Stage 1

Valuing the Estate

At this stage we will go through the deceased’s papers and bank statements to establish their assets and liabilities. This can be quite straightforward, however in some cases there may be multiple investments, properties, and other personal belongings to consider.

At this stage we may need to contact banks, lenders, fund managers, pension providers, the local government, the DWP, and HMRC.

Stage 2

File Inheritance Tax Forms

Regardless of whether inheritance tax must be paid inheritance tax forms must be completed. One form is used for non-taxable estates, another for taxable estates.

The personal representative will complete the related forms as well as any additional schedules to establish the amount of tax payable.

Stage 3

Pay Inheritance Tax

If there is inheritance tax payable on the estate then it must be paid prior to obtaining the grant of representation. Funds can be transferred directly from one of the deceased’s accounts for this if there are sufficient funds.

Stage 4

File Probate Forms

Once we have assessed the size of the estate we will be able to complete the probate application form by applying to the Probate Registry.

The personal representative will need to swear an oath at this stage to confirm that the details of the application are correct

Stage 5

Pay Probate Fees

At this stage we will pay the applicable probate fees on your behalf. These are fixed regardless of the size of the estate and are detailed above in the disbursements section.

Stage 6

Administer the Estate

We will collect in the assets of the estate, discharge the liabilities and subsequently distribute the estate in accordance with a Will or the rule of intestacy.