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Our Fees

We offer a fixed fee for Motoring Offences where you will be entering a Guilty Plea. The prices below detail what is included in the service and for what types of offences they apply to. Please see below the fixed fees for information on Not Guilty Pleas for Motoring Offences.

The below prices do not include VAT or disbursements.


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Please note:

The above guide prices may not apply where:

The matter is not being dealt with at a local court

You have been charged with a more serious motoring offence which may by dealt with at the Crown Court

Meet the Team

Darren Bishop

Supervisor, Associate Solicitor, Head of Crime and Motoring Offences
Qualified: 2014

Darren  is a PQE Higher Court Advocate and  Fully accredited Criminal   Solicitor  and specialises in all aspects of criminal law.

Stephen Ritter

Solicitor, LLB (Hons)
Qualified: 1981

Stephen is a PQE Higher Court Advocate and  Fully accredited Criminal   Solicitor  and specialises in all aspects of criminal law.

Isobelle Thompson

Solicitor, LLB (Hons)
Qualified: 2015

Isobelle successfully completed her law degree at Swansea University followed by her Legal Practice Course at Cardiff University. She obtained a training contract with Harding Evans Solicitors in 2014 and qualified as a Solicitor in 2015. She is also a police station and court appointed Duty solicitor. Isobelle had a keen interest in Criminal Law during her studies which has continued throughout her career.

Isobelle has represented clients in the police station and magistrate’s court for a range of offences including dishonesty offences (burglary/fraud), assaults (domestic related common assaults/assault occasioning actual bodily harm/Attempt Murder), intimidatory offences (stalking, coercive and controlling behaviour in an intimate or family relationship) and complex drug offences including conspiracy to supply controlled drugs (where the police rely upon covert recordings and cell site evidence). Isobelle also retains some Crown Court cases so that continuity is provided having represented the client from the police station stage. She instructs specialist barristers suited to the client and the offence as well as undertaking all the Crown Court preparation work including the instruction of experts.

Isobelle has represented a number of clients for motoring offences:

  • Drink Driving – including representations that a client should be given the opportunity to complete a driving awareness/rehabilitation course to receive a reduction in disqualification of up to 25%
  • Drug Driving
  • Driving without a licence/insurance –  including representing a client who was being prosecuted for not having insurance on a hire vehicle; the case was withdrawn by the prosecutor just before trial
  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Driving whilst disqualified
  • Dangerous Driving – including making successful representations that a case was suitable for the magistrates court rather than the Crown Court where sentencing powers are greater
  • Failing to provide information relating to the driver of a vehicle (S172 offence)
  • Clients who fall within the ‘New Drivers Provision’ whose licence could be revoked (cancelled) if they receive 6 or more penalty points within the first two years of passing their test
  • Applications to re – open cases in the magistrates court where clients have been convicted in their absence
  • Speeding offences – including making representations a client should receive penalty points rather than a period of disqualification

Isobelle has also represented a number of clients for train fare evasion including negotiating out of court settlements and during independent adjudications within the prisons where clients are at risk of receiving additional days to their sentence.

Our Process

Motoring Offences


Stage 1

Taking Instructions

In our first meeting, which we can do by telephone, you can provide us with initial information on what happened. We will consider this information and other facts available, providing you with advice on how to plead.

Stage 2

Considering Evidence

In a majority of simple motoring offences, the only option for the defendant is to try and mitigate sentencing at their hearing. We may recommend that evidence, such as witness statements or video footage, could assist in achieving this for you.

If so, we will take time prior to your hearing to compile and review evidence as well as preparing a defence based on it on your behalf. This would carry an additional cost which can vary based on the amount of evidence required, however on average the cost is £500.00 + VAT.

Stage 3

Hearing Date

Prior to the date that you have to attend court we will discuss court procedure with you as well as sentencing options available to the court, and a likely outcome for your case.

We will then attend on your hearing and make an argument on your behalf. We will discuss the outcome with you to ensure you understand the sentencing.

Stage 4


If you wish to, and we believe there is grounds to, we can discuss your options in regards to an appeal of the decision on the day. This would carry additional cost which we are able to discuss with you.