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Our Fees

Our fees are based on the value of the debt recovered. They are provided on a scale dependant on how the matter progresses and how quickly we are able to attain a payment from the debtor.

The below prices do not include VAT or Court Fees which must be paid in addition.

Stage 1 Claims: 10% of monies recovered

Covers all work up to but not including issuing a Claim

Estimated Timescale: 31 days from Letter Sent to Stage 2

Preparing the Letter Before Action is done on the same day if received before 3pm and there are no unforeseen matters to deal with 

Stage 2 Claims: 20% of monies recovered

Covers all work from issuing a Claim up to and including Judgement in Default

Estimated Timescale: 21 days from Claim issued to Stage 3

Preparing the Claim Form is done on the same day the client authorises Court Action

Stage 3 Claims: 30% of monies recovered

Covers all work in respect of Enforcement Services

Estimated Timescale: Variable, depending on Enforcement method

Entering Default Judgement is completed at the earliest opportunity assuming the client has confirmed no payments received


  • Taking instructions and reviewing documentation
  • Undertaking appropriate searches
  • Sending a letter before action
  • Receiving payment and sending on to client
  • Drafting and issuing a claim if debt not paid
  • Where no acknowledgement of service or defence is received, applying for judgement in default
  • If payment still not received, providing advice on next step & likely costs

If your claim is disputed then hourly rates will apply.

Our hourly rates range from £111(+VAT) per hour to £201(+VAT) per hour based on the complexity of the matter.

Fixed fees are available on request, which is based on the complexity of the matter, the volume of cases sent, and the value of the case.

Court attendances incur another fee.

Other fixed fees may apply.

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Meet the Team

Ben Jenkins

Supervisor, Partner, Solicitor
Qualified: 2010

Ben is an experienced litigator and specialises in civil and commercial litigation, commercial contracts, advocacy at court and mediation. He typically deals with injunctions, construction disputes, insolvency issues, partnership and shareholder disagreements, property issues and breach of contract disputes. Ben has acted for a wide variety of clients including a PLC, foreign companies, professional sports clubs and professional athletes.


William Watkins

Solicitor, LLB (Hons)
Qualified: 2018

All areas of Debt Recovery, including complex multi-jurisdictional cases, debts ranging from under £10,000 to over £100,000.

Our PRocess

Debt Recovery

Stage 1

Taking Instructions & Checking Information

At this stage we will take instructions from you on the case. We collect the relevant documents and information from yourselves to get the process started, and review it before proceeding to stage 2.

Stage 2

Letter Before Action

At this stage we issue a letter to the debtor stating the outstanding amount and reserving the right to proceed to court action. Often, the debtor will make payment at this stage.

Stage 3

Court Action

If the debt is not paid at Stage 2 we will file a claim form with the court. The court will then serve a the claim form on the debtor, giving them 13 days to admit and pay the debt, enter into negotiation to settle or defend the action.

Stage 4

Application for Enforcement

If the debtor still does not make payment within the timescale allotted by the court then we will make an application for Enforcement, obtaining a County Court Judgment. The court may instruct a Bailiff at this stage to recover the debt.