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Our Fees – Debt Recovery

Our fees are calculated on an hourly rate and an estimated cost for this service is provided below based on a typical case.

Estimated Cost: £500

Hourly Rate: £100-180 (Depending on Complexity & Value of Claim)

Estimated Hours: 1 – 5

VAT Not Included

Estimated Timescale: up to 12 Months



Taking instructions and reviewing documentation

Undertaking appropriate searches

Sending a letter before action

Receiving payment and sending on to client

Drafting and issuing a claim if debt not paid

Where no acknowledgement of service or defence is received, applying for judgement in default

If payment still not received, providing advice on next step & likely costs

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These are expected costs based on a typical transaction. In certain circumstances, where there are unexpected or out of the ordinary circumstances, fees could increase.

    Please note: The above costs do not include court fees or enforcement fees for Baillifs or process servers.

    If the debt is disputed there will be an additional cost as the service will include dealing with defence and counterclaim if relevant preparing statements dealing with disclosure of documents relevant to dispute settlement discussions/meetings preparation of trial bundles brief to counsel to attend trial.

    Meet the Team

    Jeff Thomas

    Solicitor, LLB
    Qualified: 1979

    Deals with all aspects of civil litigation including employment law.


    Steve Reed

    Solicitor, BA
    Qualified: 1997

    Deals mostly with non-contentious law but as part of that service handles debt actions.

    Leah Thomas

    Solicitor, LLB
    Qualified: 2014

    A family law expert but also deals with debt claims, employment law, and contractual disputes.


    Andrew Morgan

    Consultant Solicitor, BA Cantab
    Qualified: 1992

    A senior solicitor who conducts a gneral varied non-contentious case load but who can conduct debt actions.

    Our PRocess

    Debt Recovery

    Stage 1

    Taking Instructions & Checking Information

    At this stage we will take instructions from you on the case. We collect the relevant documents and information from yourselves to get the process started, and review it before proceeding to stage 2.

    Stage 2

    Letter Before Action

    At this stage we issue a letter to the debtor stating the outstanding amount and reserving the right to proceed to court action. Often, the debtor will make payment at this stage.

    Stage 3

    Court Action

    If the debt is not paid at Stage 2 we will file a claim form with the court. The court will then serve a the claim form on the debtor, giving them 13 days to admit and pay the debt, enter into negotiation to settle or defend the action.

    Stage 4

    Application for Enforcement

    If the debtor still does not make payment within the timescale allotted by the court then we will make an application for Enforcement, obtaining a County Court Judgment. The court may instruct a Bailiff at this stage to recover the debt.